At Hollylocks, we're known for our TLC. We provide an in-depth consultation prior to your service to ensure you leave our salon with the best possible experience!
Siblings and singles, the whole team is covered with this pack of 6 haircuts.


Not only will your baby receive the cutest First Haircut Certificate along with a lock of hair, but we will even style their hair and take a picture for you!  We attach the picture to a magnet frame so that you may display your child for all to see!


1 haircut tailored to your needs

1 hairstyle to rock for the day

1 sweet taste of hair sugar


Suds to studs and bubbles to braids, it's the whole shebang!


An edgy design or lines to suit the slickest/stylish of kids.


A one clipper guard cut for the simple guy.


One simple style for the day ahead.


No guarded clipper, zero from the nape up!


Oh My Gems (4)

Oh My Sparkle (2)

For Feathers' Sake (1)


Clean up that hairline or clean up those bangs so I can see!


Curls or flat, we have one hot-pressed style for you.


A hairstyle, lollypop, and prize! So no one feels left out.


Knot removal, for the rats that have taken home to the nest!

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