Hello Friend! 

This is the ultimate, prepaid, incentive pack!

Looking to book an appointment? (all business hours)

Looking to recieve your haircut at a discounted price, EVERYTIME, when you prepay? 

We got 'THE PACK' for you. 

Leave no one out, Everyone wants to be included with 'THE PACK'

'THE PACK' Membership

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Siblings and singles, the whole team is covered with this pack of 6 haircuts. 

    1 Mop Chop Haircut

    1 Hairstyle to go. 

    1 lollipop 

    & 1 Prize. 

    Popcorn always a must! 

  • We will electronically add your pack to your childs account in the store. 

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