Toy Story 4 Read Aloud W/ DIY FORKY craft to follow.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Story Time Tuesday: Reading of Forky in Craft Buddy Day By: Kayla.

we giggled and got a little messy too, with the NEW movie release of Toy Story 4 and the NEW school year; HERE!

Enjoy this creative and uber cute story with our rendition of DIY FORKY to follow.

Skip to 6:50 to Enjoy the Craft.

We saved you the grief of searching high and low for Sporks, They don't exist at the grocery any longer. Really, anywhere. From the AM-PM to the Costco. I searched.

AMAZON to the rescue, seriously.

The littles and older' enjoyed this forky craft, and it was a treat to be apart of the hands on creations of these masterpieces..

Head on over to our Instagram @HollylocksReno To see what's Happenin' in the now (: Looking forward to loving on those littles oh so big!

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