First Experiences.

Updated: Jul 1, 2020


Today, you are everything you are meant to be.. Never lose that innocence confidence, little one. Let there be littles telling strangers ‘ I know!’ When a compliment is given. Don’t apologize, please. When they speak up, let them finish that sentence. Let them question their surrounding in questionable form, to questionable people. 🧜🏼‍♂️🧞‍♀️🧚‍♀️🕴🏼

Let them speak up in the voice they are finding, before we are the first to quite them. So often I experience first hand the limitations elders under establish with the magical miracle of life among us when we don’t encourage positive, uplifting, and self confidence building behaviors with all new experiences. Instead setting limiting believes, a sense of uncertainty and unsure trust in an environment that is completely safe and trusted with their only safe person to land on, within an arms reach away.

Everyday we witness, magical first moments and make early childhood memories that are; rich in self confidence finding and positive booming babies, and sometimes we experience traumatizing, uncomfortable, and uneasy first moments.

Every little surfer 🏄, pixie 🧚🏼‍♂️, or 👮‍♀️ in training needs positive words of encouragement, to ensure a bright sun shiny day. We believe when focusing on the bright, we notice it get a whole light brighter around here! Phrases like ‘’you’ve got this!’,’ ‘look at you go!’ ‘Look at that big guy/girl, today!’ Or a simple ‘great job’ used as frequently as needed is the secret sauce to ensure transitioning into maintenance and health routine is as smooth as possible.. When first building confidence and introducing ‘new friends’ and routine experiences, if any resistance is felt or expressed, taking a deep breath and trusting the professional or ‘new friend’ is always my first tip, children sense EVERYTHING! when momma or papa has a pre determined idea or anxiety about an introduction or first experience, our babies are limited to unsure human connection and community from their loudest cheerleader and safest place to land, you!

First haircuts are never be feared, We recognize the potential hesitation towards timing with firsts. We hope we can build the trust in your family to achieve a manageable, stylish, & custom tailored haircut at the exact time you are ready for us, to do just that! We have seen some of our tiniest little lemon drops as young as 8 weeks old, and we adore when we get to experience 6 year olds getting a first, just as much! We know when we ‘normalize’ the experience as much as possible, that is how we make the magic happen. Your little ones are THE magic✨✨, and we are only here to encourage that and hopefully take a load out of your basket when it comes to the hair situation.

Our littlest sprouts, are highly sensitive to the unknown and they just like to be in the loop just as much as us big kids like to be. I know I absolutely hate getting random things/new things sprung on me, i might still throw a fit. Talking up a new experience or interaction leading up to the big day is truly the first step and foundation to this all! Always using positive examples of the interaction and talking about what to expect.

One example, a first haircut experience; by introducing and letting out littlest human beans explore a comb and setting that routine and knowledge they will feel confident in knowing it’s nothing to be afraid of, or using a trimmer or electric toothbrush to tickle toes, finger tips, shoulders, cheeks, and eventually ears. Vibration is unknown and routine medical or health maintenance may require an amount of time with new sensations.. interactive word play and positive sound creation can add to any experience ensuring a positive confidence building experience every time! What are words a doctor might say, or what are sounds and silly things might a dentist introduce.

When parents welcome and encourage new bonds or ‘new friends,’ we notice that’s where self awareness begins and self confidence can grow!

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