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Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Lice preventatives sure to keep any head bug burdens away.

Back to school is fast approaching with new hats, hair bows, backpacks, and books accompanying our little learners on their new adventures. The risk of contracting head bugs or head lice increases when brave littles ones are making new connections, exploring, and being curious little humans during the new school year this fall. Just thinking about those tiny creepy crawlers makes me itch. Head lice is something I wouldn’t even wish on the boogey man; It’s difficult, it’s uncomfortable, inconvenient, and worst of all it's TIME CONSUMING. Let’s do everything in our power to stop them in their tracks and prevent their existence on those luscious locks before it becomes a nuisance.

Although lice DO NOT jump, contrary to popular belief, the biggest culprit to the spread of head lice is those friendly hugs, thoughtful shared gestures, and innocent play that involves direct contact.


Friends, we aren’t here to tell you sharing isn’t caring, but in this case sharing is the fastest way to spread those buggy bugs and that’s not the bee’s knees! Stressing the importance of refraining from sharing:

-Combs/hair brushes, hair bows, ear buds, beanies, baseball caps, hoodies, scarves, and backpacks. Keeping these items personal is the first step in preventing troubling head lice. We must do our part to educate our little ones on things that are safe/appropriate to share and explain why certain items should be kept to themselves.

-Photo ops too close… we can’t help but snap a shot with our favorite people just to hang onto those memories for even longer. Next time you say “cheese” remember lice can’t jump, but they do crawl fast! It never hurts to ensure your photo buddy is lice free or keep a little more distance.


When visiting big box retailers, mom & pop shops, or second-hand stores alike, we can never be too sure which items have been tried on, played with/touched, or previously purchased before our contact with hats, masks, hair accessories, etc. If possible, avoid trying on unwashed items before you are able to isolate the product in your own home for a minimum of 72 hours. If weary, keeping the item in a trash bag and/or in a warm location to kill any previous contact with head lice is key.

Best Kept Secrets To Keeping Head Lice Away With

Preventative Hair Products.

Products are best to use before securing loose or long hair into a braid, pony tail, or bun. One of our multi-use favorites to detangle the hair and leave it easy to manage, while also keeping the bugs away, is our lice preventative haircare line: GLOP AND GLAM. Also, sold in our shop for your convenience!

Glop and Glam Creamsicle Mist Leave-in Conditioner & Detangler is a light-as-a-feather leave-in conditioning spray that refreshes locks and increases moisture. The formula detangles without leaving behind product build-up, battles wild-dream bedhead, and rids hair of any funky oder, leaving your locks smelling just like an orange creamsicle.

Kids Love:

  • the dreamy scent

  • easy to use products they can call their own

  • the naturally tear-free formula easy comb-through

  • promotes self-help and autonomy skills for kids to easily comb through their own hair (adult supervision is always recommended while they are learning… trust us, we have some stuck-comb-big-knot-must-cut-out horror stories)

Parents Love:

  • All natural and certified organic hair collection

  • No sulfates, alcohol or parabens Safe for sensitive skin – even babies

  • Effective lice preventative Infused with Echinacea & Aloe Vera to promote healthy, hydrated hair Lightweight formula with no product build-up

We love hearing parents rant and rave over our other favorite product, The Rosemary Repel Fairytales line; sure to stop any lice in their tracts with a strong rosemary scent. This is a once upon a time product we know you’ll believe in, especially when you pair the conditioning spray with the shampoo and conditioner.

Kids Love:

  • The inviting bottle design and name

  • easy to use products they can call their own

  • the naturally tear-free formula easy comb-through

Parents Love:

  • #1 defense against head lice.

  • Loaded with organic herbs of rosemary, citronella, peppermint, tea tree and lavender proven safe, gentle, and effective to help prevent lice.

  • Great for all hair types

  • Perfect for everyday use for the entire family

  • Leading lice prevention spray also softens, detangles and eliminates frizz

  • No pesticides, harsh chemicals or toxins.

  • Formulated without dairy, nut oil, soy and gluten

Last, but definitely not least, finish off any morning hair routine with a spritz or two of hairspray will definitely deter those little critters. We recommend our Suavecita Firm Hold Hairspray, great to keep hair in place for all of our amigos!

Add these amazing products to your haircare routine and remember… a spray a day keeps the lice away!

A Natural Approach To Repelling the most stubborn head bugs.

head bugs.

If you prefer a more natural approach to keeping head lice away… here’s the secret.

Forming a regular routine with these products daily is your best bet to repelling the ickiest of bugs.

Mix 4 oz. water and 15 drops of each following oils:





Mix into a spray bottle and generously spray into the hair, playing close attention to the hairline.

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